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Nothing about that Vancouver hockey team

26 Apr

I think that men are funnier than women.

It pains me to say this, but I think it is the truth.  Now, I know some very funny women, and also make myself laugh on a pretty regular basis, but on a professional, public level I have to give men the edge.  My theory is that women are funnier in person because they are quick and feed off good accidental lead-ins, and are maybe a touch more sarcastic in their humor.  But when there is time to plan jokes and you go in with the INTENT of being funny, men are better.

Look at stand-up comedians.  Do you know a funny female one?  I would like to hear about her.  The exception to prove my rule has to be Ellen…I know, I know, not everyone is on the Ellen bandwagon, but you have to admit, she is a smart and funny lady, and funny ladies are, in my opinion, few and far between.  Take this for example.

And if you aren’t convinced, maybe this:

And this:

I’ll stop there, but I hope you’re a little closer to the bandwagon now.

There are other funny women on TV, from Amy Poehler to Tina Fey, but as stand-up comedians go I am generally unimpressed.  What is it about men that makes us more willing to laugh at their deliberate joke-telling?  Why do they seem more natural at telling jokes?  Is it because women feel the need to be crude and offensive?  Do they fear dissolving into giggles at their own jokes if they get too relaxed?  Is the higher pitch of voice distracting us and throwing off the funny?

This video comes with a warning since it isn’t 100% appropriate, but seriously, her impression of the “typical” female comic is exactly what I think of when I think of female comics.

I would love to hear theories on this so we as women can improve on planned funnies…it’s hard to plan jokes, and the idea of sitting and writing jokes is funny in itself, but men are doing it, and doing it well.  I love stand-up comedy and want women to be represented as more than just those slightly odd acts between the funny men.  Come on ladies, we’re funny.  Let’s stop trying so hard so people can actually tell.

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